1) твёрдый

The boat struck (bumped) on something solid. — Лодка ударилась обо что-то твёрдое.

- solid state
- solid solution
- something solid
- nothing solid
- become solid
- freeze solid
- pond is frozen solid
2) густой, плотный, сытный

The crowd was less solid. — Толпа была уже не такой плотной.

- solid layer
- solid clouds
- solid honey
- solid jam
- solid pudding
- eat a solid meal
3) сплошной, целый, непрерывный, однородный, глухой, плотный

The police linked arms to form a solid line. — Полицейские взялись за руки и образовали сплошную цепь.

- solid ball
- solid tyre
- solid rock
- solid limp
- solid background
- solid yellow line
- solid wall
- solid spelling
- solid line
- solid block of ice
- solid piece of wood
- solid row of houses
- write this word solid
- sky is solid blue
4) неразбавленный, цельный, без примеси

The house was in solid darkness. — Дом был погружен во мрак. /В доме не было ни огонька.

- solid delegation
- solid agreement
- solid oak desk
- solid colour
- solid backgroung
- solid port
- take the decision by solid vote
- made of solid gold
5) прочный, крепкий, массивный, добротный, сильный, хорошо сделанный
- solid foundation
- solid basis
- solid house
- solid buildings
- solid furniture
- man of solid build
- be on solid ground
6) надёжный, солидный
- solid man
- solid citizens
- solid career
- solid advantages
- solid firm
- solid merchant
- solid business
- solid relationship and mutual trust
- solid people with solid faces
- man of solid sense
- be solid for peace
- be solid for smb
- be solid against smth, smb
- be solid in smb's favour
7) веский, убедительный, основательный

This argument a solid mathematical basis. — Этот аргумент имеет убедительное математическое обоснование.

- solid considerations
- have solid grounds for thinking that ...
8) серьёзный, глубокий
- solid politician
- solid reading
- solid study
- solid knowledge
- solid piece of writing
- solid report
- solid understanding of laws of nature
- solid book by a solid thinker
- do some solid work on the problem
- give some solid advice
- have solid experience
- need more solid practical evidence
- chemistry is a solid subject

Большой англо-русский учебный словарь сочетаемости. . 2010.

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  • solid — [säl′id] adj. [ME solide < MFr < L solidus < sollus, whole: see SOLEMN] 1. tending to keep its form rather than to flow or spread out like a liquid or gas; relatively firm or compact 2. filled with matter throughout; not hollow 3. a)… …   English World dictionary

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  • solid — [adj1] hard, dimensional brick wall*, close, compact, compacted, concentrated, concrete, consolidated, dense, firm, fixed, heavy, hefty, hulk, hunk, husky, massed, material, physical, rock, rocklike, rooted, secure, set, sound, stable, strong,… …   New thesaurus

  • Solid — Sol id, n. 1. A substance that is held in a fixed form by cohesion among its particles; a substance not fluid. [1913 Webster] 2. (Geom.) A magnitude which has length, breadth, and thickness; a part of space bounded on all sides. [1913 Webster]… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • solid — ► ADJECTIVE (solider, solidest) 1) firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid. 2) strongly built or made. 3) not hollow or having spaces or gaps. 4) consisting of the same substance throughout. 5) (of time) continuous. 6) …   English terms dictionary

  • Solid — (v. lat.), 1) fest, im Gegensatz vom Flüssigen; 2) gediegen, gründlich, echt, zuverlässig, wahr, gültig; 3) rechtschaffen in der Denkungsart; 4) streng sittlich lebend; 5) in Handelsverhältnissen reell, bes. zu Lösung von Schuldverbindlichkeiten… …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon


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